individual counselingCoaching is sometimes called Life Coaching when applied to individuals. It is very much goal directed and time limited, sometimes practiced over the telephone, email or over Skype. We don’t intend it to be therapy or counseling. Coaching is a psycho-educational process. We have a “contract” with goals our client wants to achieve and what the client expects from us.

Coaching often works within time frames of a specific number of sessions wherein the goals are hopefully achieved or assessed as to what obstacles got in the way. It is more behavior focused – the client is expected to accomplish specific action goals. Coaching is very useful for specific purposes such as learning specific forms of parenting, being a better spouse in specific ways, learning to be more assertive, being less angry, being more caring, making specific choices. We work with you to do what it is you want to do and show you how to do it.

We can and do offer sessions by telephone, email and skype for those clients who can’t come to our offices because of distance, business travel, illness, or those stuck at home with small children.

For more information on any of the techniques described here, we welcome you to contact us.