consultingConsultation is arranged with us to deal with specific problems. Members of a family business may come in to discuss an unproductive family member who they can’t ask to leave; an entrepreneurial couple may come in to discuss separating family roles and behaviors from business roles, or realigning work roles in light of family obligations; a business executive may seek conflict management skills, group leadership skills, or requires confidential sessions to discuss mid-life and career issues. We all need someone to talk to about the issues we face

Individuals, couples , families may come in to deal with similar issues that people in business face- a family member crossing boundaries and causing family problems, or someone who hasn’t developed independent living skills or has an addiction. They may come in for pre-marital or pre-family consultation so they can learn to discuss their issues more productively. And couples come in to consult on better ways to handle their finances including how to even talk about them.

We consult with many former counseling clients on a particular life issue confronting them. They had a good counseling experience and need a “refresher” to handle that issue in their life. We consult with new clients who want a professional to weigh in on a particular life issue they are facing, but don’t want to get “involved” in counseling. Increasingly, we see new clients who want to know whom to see about a particular parenting or eldercare issue. We will help in the referral process to find the right person

Often consultation is contracted for on an as-needed basis. At other times the arrangement is for a set period of sessions over a set time. Consultations can easily be done via email, phone or Skype.