Helping Families

Helping FamiliesBoth Shelly and Raye Isenberg have had experience with families in psychiatric hospitals around the severe mental illnesses of their children and adolescents. We have had very good training and practice experience in family therapy. We understand the intricacies of family life and the interplay that goes on between the lives of the parents and the lives of the children. We also understand that families exist in cultures and that religious and cultural mores can play a major role in family life and family conflict.

While we no longer work with children or younger adolescents, we have excellent referral sources and can point the way to competent help when the focus has to be on the child or adolescent. Sometimes, family therapy can disintegrate or a child’s or adolescent’s therapy can be compromised due to unresolved parental differences. We do work with parents in coaching and consultation, helping the parents be on the same page in relation to their children’s difficulties. We want to help the parents ensure their child’s and adolescent’s success in therapy.

The model we use here comes from the Addictions field and from the field of Psychiatry where we learned to work as a collaborative team. Neither of us is a trained Addictions or Substance Abuse professional, neither are we Psychiatrists who can dispense medication. Rather we are excellent “gatekeepers” who work with other treatment professionals preparing clients for more help then we offer, or work with the parents in conjunction with other professionals working with the child.

Because of our family treatment and personal backgrounds we are also experienced and ready to help parents and family members dealing with certain issues of later stage families. These issues may be role reversals for adult children dealing with the problems of aging parents or dealing with the differences among adult children having to provide care for their parents. We also have seen a good many conflicted parents having to deal with a dysfunctional adult child. There are many continuing issues families face even when all are adults in different life stages. We’re here to help counsel and consult when needed.