How We Help

Sheldon and Raye IsenbergSheldon and Raye Isenberg have helped thousands of clients through the disruptions and the natural transitions of their lives. In our work with individuals, couples and families we’ve seen great opportunities for change if those transitions, disruptions can be navigated with “care.” We have the professional and life perspectives, experiences, and skills to be helpful.

Many of our clients have spent years avoiding professional help. Now they really want to change either themselves or their relationships at home or at work. Many of our clients don’t necessarily want to change who they really are, but want their positions, thoughts and feelings understood and accepted. They seek change in those they love or work with, but they don’t know how to achieve that. And some of our clients are simply confused about what they think and feel and they need professional guidance sorting themselves out. We actively listen and interact with our clients to understand their issues and work with them on their goals.

50% of our referrals come from a former or current client or someone who knows of our work. Sometimes, former clients will return for help at a particular life stage or with a particular difficult issue in their life. And because we have been counseling in the Naperville area for some 36 years, it is not uncommon to consult the adult children of previous clients, someone who personally knows of our work.

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