Depressed Wary of Antidepressants

According to the Chicago Tribune article “Depressed wary of antidepressants,” the journal Annals of Family Medicine conducted a study that found that patients suffering from depression might not inform their doctor of their symptoms. The most common reason people are withholding information is that they are afraid that the only recommendation they will receive from their physician is for an antidepressant prescription medicine. In a survey of 1,054 adults, 43% of those surveyed cited more than one reason why they would be wary to inform their doctor of depression, with the most cited concern being prescribed medicine. Another 10% stated that they would withhold symptoms and information due to the possible chance that they would be referred to a counselor or psychiatrist. The study also found that those people who listed several reasons as to why they were less likely to report depression were typically female, Hispanic, with less education, and lower income.