The Dead Zone

Are you too tired to talk with your spouse or significant other after work? According to an article from The Wall Street Journal by Sue Shellenbarger, you’re not alone. A December 2007 study conducted by the Harvard Business Review about 45% of high-earning managers enter a conversational “dead zone” after a long workday where they are too mentally drained to say anything at all to their partner. Such strain can wreak havoc on both family and personal life. If you find that you or your significant other are too drained to talk after work, Dr. Christena Nippet-Eng says there are ways to start having meaningful conversation during the week. Couples can make a point to talk on the phone during the workday allowing them more time to relax and decompress after work. Couples can also schedule time after dinner to talk or even occasionally hire a sitter so that they can retreat to a local coffee shop. As David Clark from Kansas City Montana states “there’s life beyond whatever you’re dealing with at work.”

If you are interested in reading Sue Shallenbarger’s full article please visit The Wall Street Journals Website through the link provided below:

Dealing With the Dead Zone: Spouses Too Tired to Talk