individual counselingFreud once famously said that psychotherapy is the process wherein we help to cure neurotic (self-imposed) miseries so our clients can deal with life’s miseries. Psychotherapy is a process wherein we can discuss current life issues within a counseling process, but also include background familial issues, traumas, which may predispose the client to repetitive ways of thinking and feeling as well as behaviors which repetitiously compound the normal difficulties of living within personal, family and business relationships. A knowledge of one’s personal history is essential in psychotherapy to understand certain life themes which may be operating in a client’s life.

Psychotherapy is an involved process that usually occurs over some period of time. The goal of psychotherapy is to get beyond past relationships and traumas, that is to help alter life themes, undo past tragedies that may have befallen the client. Many people could use psychotherapy, but few seek it because it is so involved and few want to confront that which brought and still brings pain in their life. Our job as psychotherapists is to accompany our clients, to provide safety so they can revisit those parts of their lives that require healing or to confront how they may be repeating the very issues they seek to be rid of.

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