Clients come to Shelly with a problem or an unrealized hope. Sometimes they are at an impasse in their lives —with themselves or others important to them. Shelly hears the issues, evaluates how the client may have sought change and then counsels.

Counseling is primarily a process whereby we talk together about “how” people are dealing with their problems and dilemmas and what is getting in the way of the change they seek.  Good counseling involves the counselor listening and speaking compassionately, but honestly. Good counselors will offer suggestions, even coach their clients. Past history is relevant when playing an active part in the client’s problems.

Occasionally, clients have had a bad experience with other counselors. This often boils down to one of two things: the therapist was biased, had set views and the client felt unrelated to as a person; or the counselor just sat there, listening passively and never fully engaged the client. Shelly tries to ask the right questions, make the right comments, give a point of view where it might be helpful, and tries to leverage the discussion to a more meaningful level. He wants his client to actually learn something more about themselves, and those they love.

Shelly can offer sessions by telephone, email and skype for those clients who can’t come to the offices because of distance, business travel, illness, or care-giving.

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