At one time or another, we all seem to struggle with issues of adapting to the expectations of those we love, the work we do and the culture we live in. It doesn’t seem to get easier making choices about how to live our lives with personal integrity while adapting to the expectations of others. And yet making choices is what we must do, lest we sink into confusion, depression, anxiety, alienation and anger.

Shelly offers a safe place to talk honestly about what you are thinking and feeling, sorting out conflicting desires and expectations. Often he can hear between “the lines,” the circular reasoning that can confuse and depress, the anxious and angry tones, words, and even violence that make others want to avoid or leave us. Hearing what a client doesn’t hear guides Shelly in helping clients with their goals. Counseling with clients exists within highly confidential sessions, arranged weekly, bi-weekly, monthly as indicated or on an as-needed basis.

Shelly offers sessions by telephone, email and Skype for those clients who can’t come to our offices because of distance, business travel, illness, or care-taking..